LIFE·LOVE·DOGS Documentary,  video submISSIONS


We Need YOU and your DOG(s)!

Fellow dog lovers, towards the end of the feature length documentary, LIFE·LOVE·DOGS, there is a montage of people loving up their dogs. We want to show that people ALL OVER THE WORLD absolutely love their pups, and will go to the ends of the earth for them.

What are we looking for?

We need you to shoot a video of you and your dog (or have someone do it for you). We're looking for things like:

  • A gentle kiss on the snout (with two people on either side of dog, commonly referred to a "double snout smooch").
  • A dog(s) kissing you.
  • A warm hug.
  • A proclamation of love ("I love you Sparky!")

We're looking for ANYTHING that shows just how much you love your dogs and vice versa. The shot can contain one or more people and one or more dogs, ii can be shot INSIDE or OUTSIDE, in the family room, in a park - doesn't matter - as long as you're LOVING UP that dog! We need GENUINE LOVING MOMENTS between people and their beloved dogs.


  • You MUST have a FACEBOOK account to post your video.
  • The video must be owned by you. Please do not post videos you find on the internet - the uploaded video MUST be yours.
  • Please shoot in LANDSCAPE mode (phone held horizontally), not PORTRAIT mode.
  • The video should run  anywhere from approx. 5 to 15 seconds.

make sure you dog is comfortable

  • Do NOT force your dog to do ANYTHING that is not comfortable for your dog! We will NOT accept any submissions that show a dog under distress.
  • We are not looking for your dog to do tricks or jumps (or anything like that). We are looking ONLY for people and their dogs exchanging a warm loving moment.

ready to go?

Click CONTINUE, fill out the form, and click the link once the form is submitted!