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We produce documentary and narrative films that focus on the emotional connections we share with our dogs and social issues that bring humans and dogs together.



Feature Documentary

Rigorous Marine Corps training did not prepare Alexandra for the battle that lay ahead upon returning home from a nine month deployment in Afghanistan. Suffering from PTSD, this beautiful, young Marine found healing through companionship with her service dog, but abuse and trauma she suffered in the military return to haunt her when her beloved German Shepherd, Kai, vanishes without a trace.



Monthly DOCUMENTARY Series

Why do we cherish dogs the way we do? 'For the Love of a Dog' examines the intense emotional connections we share with our canine companions and how these connections inspire human and dog to mutually rescue each other.




Michael spent 25 years in the film industry as an editor and consultant and eight years in Silicon Valley as co-founder of a high-tech startup called "Fuze" - but wasn't prepared for the effect a seventy five pound, chocolate Labrador named Molly would have on his life when she died back in May of 2012. He'd never experienced the sense of loss and sadness that flowed over him for weeks after her passing. A few days after she died while throwing back margaritas with a good friend at a local taco dive, he declared that he would dedicate the last chapter of his career towards bringing wonderful stories about people and their beloved dogs to the screen.

Michael left Fuze in January of 2015 and after taking time off to rediscover his wife, his kids and the world, he started Molly Dog Films.



Award-winning documentary and trailer editor with 25-years in the entertainment industry producing, co-directing and editing documentaries and trailers for major motion pictures. Trailer credits include: “Fight Club,” “Lars and the Real Girl,” “The Notebook,” “Unfaithful,” “Phone Booth,” “Moulin Rouge.”  Documentary credits include: "Playground" (shortlisted for an Oscar nomination) about child sex trafficking in America and "King Leopold's Ghost," a story of greed, terror and heroism in the heart of Africa. Oreet is currently editing an episode of 1968 for the critically acclaimed CNN "Decades" documentary series, produced by Tom Hanks.

In addition to her filmmaking skills, Oreet has a PhD in Depth Psychology and a deep love for our canine friends. 

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