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We produce documentary and narrative films that focus on the emotional connections we share with our dogs and other animals,  and the issues that bring us together.


Why do we cherish dogs the way we do? How much would you risk for a dog? Through the lens of three heart tugging, riveting and inspiring stories, LIFE·LOVE·DOGS explores the intense emotional bonds we share with our dogs, and how these bonds inspire human and dog to mutually rescue each other.



Feature LENGTH Documentary

Like so many of the earth's species, the Elephant is under attack, yet its survival is widely disputed. Despite the increasing number of organizations fighting to save these compassionate, emotional and extremely intelligent animals, there's considerable noise and confusion. Between poaching and "conservation" through trophy hunting, what is the truth? Who are we to believe? THE LAST ELEPHANT explores the heart and soul of an elephant, and those people with boots on the ground who are fighting so hard to keep them alive.


Ed & Wally


When a drug addicted, homeless man living on the street for over ten years befriends an abused, starving dog, his life undergoes dramatic changes. 



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Saving huey foundation

Molly Dog Films is honored to be affiliated with the Saving Huey Foundation as our fiscal sponsor for LIFE·LOVE·DOGS. A small, tightly focused 501c3, non-profit organization located in Southern California, the organization was founded by Tracy Lystra and her family after a good samaritan discovered a horribly battered, emaciated and abused puppy, wandering the foothills of Moreno Valley on a cold, rainy night in 2014. The pup, later named Huey, appeared to have been used as a "bait dog" by a dog fighting ring. 

Through Tracy, Huey experienced love and a warm home for the first time. Tracy continues her amazing work, so please consider donating to her cause: 

"Saving Huey Foundation is committed to bringing awareness to and exposing the brutality of dog fighting and other forms of animal abuse. Our mission is to educate the public of the atrocities that animals endure at the hands of human beings. We are committed to creating and fostering a love for animals at a young age by implementing Huey's Heroes Reading Program in any shelter willing to use it."





Michael spent 25 years in the film industry as an editor and consultant, initially for the BBC/London - then independently in London, New York and Los Angeles working for all major networks. In 2007, he co-founded a Silicon Valley high-tech startup called "Fuze" - but wasn't prepared for the effect a seventy five pound, chocolate Labrador named Molly would have on his life when she died back in May of 2012. He'd never experienced the sense of loss and sadness that flowed over him for weeks after her passing. A few days after she died while throwing back margaritas with a good friend at a local taco dive, he declared that he would dedicate the next chapter of his career towards bringing wonderful stories about people and their beloved dogs and other animals to the screen.

Michael left Fuze in January of 2015 and after taking time off to rediscover his wife, his kids and the world, he started Molly Dog Films in May of 2016.



Award-winning documentary and trailer editor with 25-years in the entertainment industry producing, co-directing and editing documentaries and trailers for major motion pictures. Trailer credits include: “Fight Club,” “Lars and the Real Girl,” “The Notebook,” “Unfaithful,” “Phone Booth,” “Moulin Rouge.”  Documentary credits include: "Playground" about child sex trafficking in America (shortlisted for an Oscar nomination) and "King Leopold's Ghost," a story of greed, terror and heroism in the heart of Africa. Oreet recently edited an episode of the four-part documentary series "1968: The Year That Changed America," which aired on CNN in 2018, executive produced by Tom Hanks.

In addition to her filmmaking skills, Oreet has a PhD in Depth Psychology and a deep love for our canine friends. 

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